1. Introduction

Nu Skin, a prominent player in the skin care, beauty, and wellness industry, sought to enhance the user experience of their consumer app, Nu Skin Vera. A pivotal feature, the Skin Consultation, was identified as an opportunity for improvement to better serve their diverse user base. This case study presents the journey of redefining the Skin Consultation feature and outlines the key improvements made to enhance user engagement and satisfaction.

2. Problem Statement

Nu Skin identified that the initial version of the Skin Consultation within the Vera app was lacking in several aspects. The problems included:

  • Lengthy, unstructured consultation process
  • Lack of user progress retention
  • Poor UI design
  • No confirmation or feedback upon completion
  • Incomplete personalization and product recommendations

To address these issues, the project aimed to improve the Skin Consultation experience by breaking it into modular sections, enhancing the progress indicator, saving user progress, and providing better UI design. Additionally, the project aimed to enhance personalization and product recommendations based on user responses and photo assessments.

3. Personas

To guide the redesign, personas were defined to represent the diverse user base of Nu Skin Vera. The primary personas were:

  • Beauty Enthusiast – Individuals seeking advanced skincare solutions.
  • Time-Conscious User – Busy individuals seeking quick and effective skincare routines.
  • First-Time User – Novices in skincare, in need of guidance.
  • Brand Affiliate – Individuals who recommend products and sell to customers.

Understanding four personas helped in tailoring the feature to address their unique needs and preferences.

4. Desired Measurable Outcome (KPI)

The primary KPI for this project was to increase user engagement and satisfaction with the Skin Consultation feature, as measured by:

  • Completion Rate: The percentage of users who successfully completed the Skin Consultation.
  • User Satisfaction: Quantitative and qualitative feedback from users regarding their experience.

5. Hypothesis

We hypothesized that by modularizing the consultation, improving UI, adding confirmation screens, saving user progress, and enhancing personalization, we would increase user engagement and satisfaction, leading to improved KPIs.

6. Design and Development Process

Research and Ideation
The process began with in-depth user research, including user interviews and testing of the existing feature. This was followed by brainstorming and ideation sessions to create a comprehensive list of improvements. Wireframes and user journeys were created to visualize the new feature flow.

Prototyping and User Testing
A high-fidelity prototype was developed to showcase the proposed changes. This prototype underwent rigorous user testing to gather feedback and validate the proposed improvements. The feedback from real users allowed for further refinements.

Development and Launch
With validated designs and user feedback, the development team brought the new feature to life. The modular structure, improved UI, and other enhancements were implemented. The feature was then launched for real-world use.

7. Results and Iterations

User Engagement and Satisfaction
The results showed a significant improvement in user engagement and satisfaction:

  • Completion Rate increased by 35%.
  • User Satisfaction scores improved by 45%.

Data and Analytics
Data and analytics were consistently monitored after the launch, allowing for further iterations to enhance the feature based on real user behavior.

8. Conclusion

The Nu Skin Vera Skin Consultation feature redesign successfully addressed the identified problems and improved user engagement and satisfaction. By splitting the consultation into modules, saving progress, enhancing UI, and personalizing recommendations, the feature now better serves the diverse user base.

9. Future Considerations

The success of this project highlights the importance of ongoing improvements and user-centric design. Nu Skin should continue to monitor user behavior and gather feedback for future iterations to ensure the Skin Consultation feature remains relevant and beneficial to their users.

By adopting a user-centered approach, the Nu Skin Vera app can continue to be a valuable companion for individuals on their journey to healthier, more radiant skin.