1. Introduction

In the world of skincare and beauty, finding the perfect shade of a product can be a daunting task. Nu Skin Vera introduced the Shade Finder feature for its Bioadaptive BB+ product, offering a solution to this common challenge. The Shade Finder allows users to capture a photo of their face, analyze their skin tone, and recommend the ideal product shade. This case study sheds light on the creation and success of the Shade Finder feature.

2. Problem Statement

Nu Skin recognized the challenge faced by users when selecting the right product shade, often leading to dissatisfaction. The problem to be solved was:

  • Difficulty in identifying the most suitable product shade based on individual skin tones.

The project aimed to simplify the shade selection process and improve user satisfaction when purchasing Nu Skin’s Bioadaptive BB+ product.

3. Personas

The Shade Finder feature targeted a broad spectrum of personas, including:

  • Beauty Enthusiast – Users who are particular about product shade matching.
  • Time-Conscious Shopper – Individuals looking for efficient shopping experiences.
  • Novice User – Users new to Nu Skin products and in need of guidance.

Understanding these personas was instrumental in creating a feature that catered to their unique needs and preferences.

4. Desired Measurable Outcome (KPI)

The primary KPI for this project was to increase user satisfaction with the Shade Finder feature, as measured by:

  • User Satisfaction: Feedback from users indicating successful shade matching and a positive shopping experience.
  • Increased Conversions: Seeing an increase of BB+ sales through the Vera app.

5. Hypothesis

The hypothesis for the Shade Finder feature was that by offering an efficient and accurate shade recommendation tool, user satisfaction would increase, resulting in improved KPIs.

6. Design and Development Process

Research and Conceptualization
The project commenced with thorough research into user needs and the challenges they faced in shade selection. Ideation sessions followed, focusing on creating a tool that simplified the process. Wireframes and user journeys were developed to visualize the feature’s flow.

Prototyping and Validation
A high-fidelity prototype was created to represent the proposed design. User testing was essential in fine-tuning the tool’s functionality. User feedback contributed to improvements before development.

Development and Launch
With validated designs, the development team brought the Shade Finder feature to life. The tool underwent rigorous testing before its official launch, ensuring it performed as expected.

7. Results and Impact

User Satisfaction

  • The Shade Finder feature achieved its primary goal of increasing user satisfaction:
  • Users reported higher levels of satisfaction, citing successful shade matches and a more positive shopping experience.

Increased Revenue

  • Conversions of the Bioadaptive BB+ product also increased by 37% after the release of the Shade Finder tool.

8. Conclusion

The Shade Finder feature simplified the process of selecting the perfect product shade, resolving a common challenge faced by beauty enthusiasts. Users can now confidently purchase the Bioadaptive BB+ product, knowing it harmonizes with their individual skin tone.

9. Future Considerations

The success of the Shade Finder feature underscores the value of user-centric design and innovative solutions to common beauty-related challenges. Nu Skin Vera should consider further enhancements and expansions of this tool to address similar challenges across its product range.

The Shade Finder tool positions Nu Skin Vera as a customer-focused brand, offering innovative solutions that cater to the unique needs and preferences of its users, ultimately delivering a seamless shopping experience.